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About Us

Anafina Capital Partners is a dedicated Turkish private equity firm investing in unlisted Turkish small and medium sized enterprises (SME's.)

We are headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey – the 5th largest city in the world wich has a dynamic, growing economy. Due to its unique location bridging both Europe and Asia and proximity to key emerging markets, Turkey offers an attractive investment opportunity for institutional and retail investors looking for robust returns over the medium term.


Our Fund

We are targeting a fund size of appoximately EUR 125m for our inaugural private equity growth fund which will be directed primarily at global institutional investors including supranationals, pension funds, insurance companies, asset and wealth managers, banks, and family offices located in Europe, North America, the Middle and the Far East.

The founding partners of Anafina have committed personal capital in the Anafina Capital Fund L.P., to fully align their interests with the fund’s investors.