Investment Approach

  • Our investment professionals typically serve on the boards of directors of our portfolio companies. They serve as proactive board members, providing strategic insights and access to financial, operational, and other resources.
  • We consider ourselves to be patient investors who focus on long-term value creation, growth, and improving businesses for all stakeholders.   As such, we and our investee companies are not distracted by short-term financial market perspectives, a tried and proven approach we have continued to use outside of our fund for many years.
  • The beneficiaries of our private equity investments can include pension funds, endowments, foundations, banks, asset managers, supranationals, and family offices who may provide the majority of capital for our fund's investments.

How We Work

  • We adopt a generalist approach to investing in the Turkish industrial mid-market sector.  This approach works for us because as Turkey's private equity market continues to develop we wish to take advantage of scoping the broadest possible range of sectors that we believe are attractive in terms of prospective growth and we in turn will selectively back dynamic companies with our invested capital. 
  • We also traditionally take majority stakes in cross-sector businesses and work closely with management teams and all stakeholders of our investee companies to deliver superior value and investment returns.
  • Anafina typically works with management teams to determine the optimal capital structure to support a company’s business and growth strategy.  We also work closely as a team with our balanced investment experience to collectively conceive a funding plan to balance equity and debt in companies and to minimize inherent risks of leverage to withstand economic downturns and always invest for growth and value creation for the long-term.