Responsible Investment Statement

Anafina believes that having an active Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Policy will better align Anafina with the broader objectives of society. We define ESG investing as an investment process that considers environmental and social factors and looks at the governance aspects of a company and employs strategies to evaluate their impact within the context of financial analysis.

Anafina is committed to improving its capacity to better understand ESG factors and enhance their integration into its investment process. Consideration is given to analysing the sustainable business practices and the financial impact of a company’s environmental and societal risks. Specifically;

  • Anafina’s investment approach takes into consideration the fact that in some industries and companies, ESG factors may have a material impact on a company’s valuation.
  • Companies may be screened out of Anafina’s investment universe due to ESG factors.
  • We will continue to gain knowledge and understanding of ESG issues in the companies we analyse.