Current Investments



  • Enfalt is a leading manufacturer of asphalt emulsions and polymer modified bitumens in Turkey
  • Enfalt is owned 50% by Colas Group of France



Current Management Contracts


 EMA Kimya Sistemleri ve Ticaret A.S.

  • A successful greenfield investment made to establish a polyurethane material producer in Turkey
  • Establishing the product line, developed the products and the customer base



Past Investments


Rio Tigris / Rio Euphrates (Cayman)

  • Rio Tigris and Rio Euphrates is a leading Owner/Operator of Asphalt Ships.
  • Employs more than 30 people and operates shipping  mainly in the Eastern Mediterranian.



Geo Tipptex Kft

  • Geotipptex is a leading manufacturer of nonwoven polypropylene geotextiles in Eastern Europe.
  • It employs more than 100people and exports to more than 40 countries in Europe and Middle East.



Renault Trucks Sanayi (RTS)

  • RTS is the single manufacturer of military truck cabins and civil trucks in Turkey for the Renault Trucks brand.






Advisory Services


 Exeltis - Embil (2014)

  • Anafina Capital Partners and Pharma & Pharma, in collaboration with Is Investment, successfully advised Embil Ilac in the sale of Embil Ilac Sanayii Limited Sirketi, Edko Pazarlama Tanitim Ticaret AŞ, and Embil International Philippines Inc. (Embil Group) to Exeltis Pharmaceutical Holding, S.L.
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Kollmorgen - Elsim (2013)

  • Kollmorgen, part of Danaher Corporation, has acquired the Turkish-based Elsim Electrotechnical Systems A.S.
  • Anafina Capital Partners acted as the exclusive financial and strategic advisor to Elsim during the process



: Enfalt is owned 50% by Colas group of France